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Sale! Riches


The young modern it-girl, even if only at heart. She oozes independence and confidence to seduce. Be an unstoppable force.

She introduces herself quite aggressively but dies down to a pleasant, soft scent. Making an entrance with rose and adds mystery brought in by patchouli and musk at the heart, then greets with vanilla and amber dying down to a powdery scent.

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Sale! Bizarre


Of course you want to feel like a million dollars! Bizarre radiates sensuality, dominates her area and possesses a fierce character.

She's fresh, floral and woody. The sparkle of bitter orange and slight whiffs of raspberry opens the fragrance which transpires into neroli and amber, completing the harmony with orange blossom, patchouli and Arabian inspired Jasmine.

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Sale! Lush


Her mood is playful but elegant. With her eye on the prize, this scent brings about a can-do attitude. Whatever you do, do it in style.

She enters the room baring notes of orange blossom, making her transition to Jasmine at the heart, morphing into, and leaving you with, patchouli and honey accords.

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Sale! Sunny


Sunny creates an aura of success, freedom and mystery. She exuberates confidence, leaving them wanting more.

Created with warm white ambers as the foundation, at the heart of it, a woody scent which transitions into the cheery Indian inspired Jasmine at the top of the fragrance.

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