About FDLV

It’s not ‘just perfume’, it’s not ‘just an accessory’, it’s an instant mood lifter, a flashback, a new memory created by a scent that will stay with you forever.

FDLV (short for the French phrase Fleur de la vie which means Flower of Life) is the brainchild of two frugal and lovers-of-all-things-pretty, sisters from Cape Town.

It does not have to cost a fortune to look and smell great and we’re here to prove it. Visit our social media for posts on perfume and lifestyle discussing affordable clothes, makeup and activities.

We can’t wait to share FDLV’s fragrances with you. After an extensive search, we believe we’ve found the best quality scents after considering price and availability.

Grow with us as we’d love to establish a relationship with you! We love getting mails, so mail us with any suggestions, ideas or just to say hi.

Love FDLV ♥