Here are a few FAQ’s that might explain some of the questions you might have.

How long does the fragrance last?

FDLV Fragrances are Perfume, which is the most concentrated form of fragrance as it contains the highest percentage of perfume oil. Though it differs from person to person, it should last six hours in most cases (See Longevity Factors)


Can fragrance change my mood?

Yes, it can! That is possibly one of the most amazing things of perfume. It has the ability to stimulate or calm us, encourage a good mood, shape positive memories as well as induce dreams.


Where it sticks

If you are one of the unfortunate few who’s fragrance tends not to last, try these few tips;

Spray the perfume carefully on your clothes, it clings to material like glue. Be advised that perfume contains oil, of course, so be careful where on your clothes, and what type of material you spray it on. Scarves, jerseys, pants, tweed, blazers, stretch materials should all be fine. Remember to spray from a distance, especially if you don’t know how the material will react.

Your hair holds scents just as good as material. Now you’re thinking; ‘Wouldn’t the alcohol damage my hair?’ The amount of alcohol is so minimal, damage, if any, would be minimal. Should you encounter a problem, refrain from doing it.

Longevity Factors

Have you noticed that fragrances do not last as long as you’d like it to, or it is ‘suppose’ to? This could mean a number of things:

1) Your skin could be dry, making the scent evaporate much quicker. So make sure your skin is hydrated using a moisturiser

2) You just get used to it. You may not smell it, but others do.

3) Citrus Notes fades the fastest, Woody Notes tend to stay put longer.

4) Applying an unscented body lotion or vaseline, to the areas you  plan on spraying, could help hold the scent.



Empty the last drops of your fragrance into an unscented body lotion. Using it together with your perfume will make it last longer.

Line your clothes drawers with tissue paper and spray it with your favourite scent. It will draw into your clothes, adding another layer of scents (:

Lightly mist your hair as it hold onto scent better than skin does.

Rub your skin with vaseline, then spritz, it should hold onto the scent longer.

Apply more fragrance, more often, in which case a travel size perfume is very handy!

Our absolute favourite, spray on you’re clothes – of course, using your own discretion, keeping in mind the type of material etc.

Do’s & Don’ts

Avoid spraying perfume on your neck, as contact with sunlight would age the skin.

Avoid rubbing your pulses together once applied to your skin, as this breaks up the molecules of the scent.

Keep your fragrance in a cool, dry, dark place like your handbag or closet as heat, light and humidity lessens the effectiveness of a scent.

Spray on your fragrance after a bath or shower. Your pores are open, capturing the scent, making it last longer.


Solution for the dry-skin girls

Simple, apply your perfume more generously. Your biological make-up isn’t something you can change, you can alter your behaviour though. Get in the habit of applying more perfume and or more often.


As with all advice, you need to use your own discretion. No one knows your situation better than you!


Why does it feel like my fragrance disappears?

It doesn’t, don’t worry. After constant stimulation, your senses tire and your sense of smell cuts off after a few minutes. As you can’t escape the perfume you applied, you get used to it.