5 Self-care tips: For the mind

For the next few weeks we’ll bring you self-development tips with the ultimate goal of self-actualization, which we should strive for, one day at a time.


1. Do a mini declutter:
The first spaces I tackle when I feel the need to take back control of life is my office desk and bedside table. It’s quick and oh so rewarding! After that it’s the car and your closet, seasons are changing now too – perfect!

2. Unplug for an hour:
Take your phone, and switch that thing off. While you’re at it, disconnect from everything; tv, radio, people, outside noises etc. Sit in the sun or lie down with your eyes closed – just be. Deep breath in… and out.

3. Buy/ make something new for the home:
Purchase a new rug/ bedding to spruce up a space or DIY some shelves you’ve been needing to get organized. Creating a new space for items lying around half the time, creates a sense of calm when everything is in its place.

4. Do some cloud watching;
This would tie in perfectly with number 2. Get yourself a cold beverage and just take it in.

5. Keep a journal:
Record your day, how interesting wouldn’t it be to reflect on it one day? Focus on a few things; what made your day (find at least one thing), an interesting event (however insignificant), what you’re grateful for and what you’ve achieved today and of course, anything else that’s on your heart. Write it all down.

Let the growth and healing begin.

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